This collection is made up of five pieces that I produced. Each piece of art resembles a concept or feeling. Click on the artwork to see it's full-size.


What you create today will shape your future. A Vision is providing a sense of direction, a desirable future. Purpose. It shows you the big picture of things you want to accomplish in life. Write it down.

Healing the mind, soul, and body through colorful abstraction. Take a step back to oversee your life and where you are at the moment, you never know what the future will bring you.

Never doubt yourself as faith unites all of us. Believing in yourself is the most important thought. Occasionally an additional push is needed but in what shape would that be?


A curious person will discover great things in life. Be curious and open-minded. Asking questions relentlessly is a positive thing and will deliver great results. Love to learn.

What is luck? The Lucky Clover is a symbol of luck. Luck exists out of hard work, opportunity, and patience without quitting.